Education, Social Empowerment, and Development
Chair: Dr. Hari Gurung, Canada
Ph no: +1 647 989 4259

A Senior Analyst at Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO), an independent arm’s length agency of the Ontario Ministry of Education. EQAO assesses how well Ontario’s public education system is developing students’ reading, writing and math skills. EQAO provides reliable and useful information that is used to help improve student achievement and ensure the accountability of school boards. Dr. Gurung is a trained research social economist with expertise in the use of statistical and quantitative and qualitative research methodologies in the analyses of data. He holds a master’s in economics, a PhD in ecological and environmental anthropology and graduate certificates in advanced project management, and conservation ecology and sustainable development. He has a wide array of experience, nationally and internationally. He had been an educator teaching agricultural economics at the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Sciences in Nepal; socioeconomic researcher in rural agricultural development in Nepal; research fellow at the International Rice Research Institute, the Philippines; and currently working for the Ontario Ministry of Education in Canada playing a pivotal role in the analyses and reporting of large scale standardized testing data of primary and secondary school students in the province of Ontario, Canada