Energy, Environment, Science & Technology
Chair: Sahaj Man Shrestha, Environment Journalist USA
Ph no: +1 951 370 3530

One of the pioneer media persons, served as program producers and Technical Director (TD) for Nepal television. Chief Executive Producer and Chief Operating Officer for Image channel Television, Executive Advisor for Himalaya Television and Creative director (A/V division) for ECS Media Group in the past. Over three of experiences and engagement as an Environmental Journalists in USA. Actively engaged on strengthening the quality, reach and viability of journalism across all media to advance public understanding of environmental issues. Especially in providing vital technical and other support to journalists of most media facing the challenge of covering complex environmental issues. Currently serving as Steering Committee Members of The Internet Rights and Principles Dynamic Coalition for 2020-2022. Where he represents Civil Society of Nepal. The Internet Rights and Principles Dynamic Coalition promote, and provide a space for multi-stakeholder dialogue and collaboration. Aims to be an umbrella platform for facilitating collaboration on human rights issues in the Internet Governance Forum process. Mr. Shrestha also served as President of Nepal Federation of Environmental Journalists in the past.